Standing In the Place Where Wisdom Flows From Source.


People get very upset when I say yoga is not scientific and it does not need to be scientific either. But that is a factual statement. The results of Yoga are not replicable and that rules it out as a scientific domain. The problem is that people think scientific knowledge is the only valid knowledge which is hugely idiotic. But teach six people the same asana and you get six different impacts and consequences. Teach the same six people a kriya and you are likely to end up with fifteen different kinds of activations and results. One of the fascinating things for me as a guru is for me to observe how I can advise and help when something comes up that I have no personal experience of in the past nor have I heard or read of it. When teaching a process that is authentic there is inbuilt safeguard from the paramparas. The knowledge needed emerges from the inner guide or Inner Guru and my advice works just fine. It is not something that everybody has. It is innate or develops in time with sadhana. When my guru saw it was developed in me, that was when I got the aadesh to teach.

I am endlessly fascinated by how it plays out. As long as I keep the petty human embodiment of ego and vaasana samaskara that is Rohit in this incarnation out of it and communicate from Source there is no problem. It is terribly humbling. I realize I am just in a position of privilege, performing a duty under the guidance of the Guru Kshetram. I am one small link in an ancient chain of wisdom, gyana, that makes use of whoever is available. I just happen to stand in the place where wisdom and insight flows at this moment. After me there will be others to do the same and before me there have been Legions. It is a tremendous responsibility, a shattering one at times. One has to keep one’s sadhana up, because if one does not do so, alignment to Source is lost. It is even more dangerous for a person like me because I am reasonably intelligent and quite knowledgeable. I could bluff an answer and to the surface level it seems just as good. But I know that is bullshit and anybody with a deeper, more intense consciousness knows it is bullshit. Sometime I used to throw my students into puzzlement by asking – who do you want to answer that, Sri Guru or Rohit? Both sound plausible, but only one flows from Source. That used to happen when the issue was not appropriate to be raised. I could feel the split within me. Nowadays I refuse to answer unless there is full alignment. This goes even more so for inbox questions. I sense idle curiosity and ignore the question.

So many people have written to me with bizarre, strange and peculiar experiences that I had no prior knowledge of. Some of them were inconceivable. To my astonishment I knew exactly what was going on with them and could advise what course correction was needed if any. It is a perpetual wonder. The day I grow blasé about it, is the day I am ruined. People think it must be wonderful to be a Guru. The constant necessity to remain aligned and aware, it would break people if one was not being supported in turn. One is left with no option but to rely upon the Divine at all times. Which is the best place to be but it is not an easy or comfortable place. But the Guru Kshetram has its own imperatives and the discomfort of a representative does not rank very highly in their priorities. What is playing out thinks in decades and centuries and our human scales of time and action are irrelevant….
Sri Guru Rohit Arya.
Sarvam Shivamayam!

Sri Guru Rohit Arya is always grateful to Arunachala and Nataraja they they permit him to stand in the place where wisdom flows from Source.



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