Seeking Permission to be a Spiritual Idler

One of the commonest requests I get – from new people, not people who know me – is a certification of spiritual worthiness. They want to use my stature as a Guru to convince their family that they are actually now a superior species of being and have soared above mundane trivialities like earning a living and taking care of family responsibilities. The Jewish mystics used to call this state of self congratulation ‘Spiritual Idleness’ and made a rule that all who seek to be mystics must also learn and practice a trade to ensure they do not become a burden on their circle. These types are not spiritual at all, merely bloody lazy. In fact to be honest they are goddamn parasites. They have no intention of giving up their comfortable lifestyles – they merely want a certificate that will enable them to stop working and contributing. Now I understand that certain spiritual states may render you incapable of normal social interaction but the universe has ways to taking care of those few genuine examples. Were it real, they would not be sitting in front of me and moaning and whingeing.


In the past I used to try and explain matters. Now I tell them to get off their lazy asses and do something useful with their life. Since my approach is the Integral Yoga and not the renunciation path, they are really asking the wrong guy. But this is not real vairagya and dispassion – just a ghastly entitlement and tamas. If you really care only about God then your actions would reflect that. If the impulse is so strong you would be out on the road no? But they don’t want that. The road is cold and wet and dirty and you have to go to the loo in the great outdoors when you are not hungry. Ashrams look tempting until they see the seva requirements, so that is out. This new guru looks pleasant enough, I think it is the dimples that mislead them, – let us try to make a fool of him. Anything – except an honest day’s work, and sadhana afterwards.

When I got my jaagaran I knew I could not do the normal things that are taken for granted. I used to do just enough to pay my bills and spend all the time opened up on sadhana to stabilize what had happened and grow along those lines. Fortunately Nataraja did not cause me to be born in a rich family where I could be indulged. Everybody was worried sick I would end up in a bad place because I was not ‘getting settled.’ Now so many of the people who knew me in the old days are eaten up with envy for I am free and footloose while they are bound in place with their life choices. If it really matters you will find a way to do it, especially if it is the truth. If not, you will embark on certificate seeking to become a sponge and headache while being self righteous and feeling virtuous.
There we have it then.
Sarvam Shivamayam.

The universe being a generous place, no sooner did I type this than I got a classic textbook example of this sort of letter. The synchronicity is extraordinary.

Letter from a spiritually idle seeker seeking permission to be a parasite

Namaskaram Dear Sifu Rohitji

Yes sifuji I agree ,there is a lot of information you have provided on youtube ,I have been watching it over a year now ,still not been able to assimilate it .It’s hard to defeat Vasnas .And creating better samskaras am trying but failing ,takes a lot of personal effort and discipline ,there are to many distractions, and plus physical and mental lethargy , maintaining regularity In Sadhana is tough.And plus there is too much confusion about everything in life ,Am almost 30 and still not earning my own living .Don’t even know what I should do in life .Parents are dam upset ,girl friend has almost givin up hope , And me I think I dont know why but I just don’t seem to care ,and it bothers me that it does not bother me too much , because I love my parents . I am not able to feel motivated to do anything ,Why so . Gurus grace is there parents are good ,we are well to do
, all’s great but why am I so foolish ,careless and arrogent ,that I don’t bother about any thing ,And the only time I feel happy is when in sleep or meditation …Or just sitting and feeling the grace of Guru .
I have been taking medical help over a year now, medication for sleep initiation ,and anti anxiety pills ,plus Some thing for alertness it did help but not too much.
I haven’t been able to retain any job I attempted , Am 12 pass plus a diploma in events management and audio engineering ,and guitar , yet this does not seem to excite me .Sorry for talking about all this emotional stuff .
It is hard to meet up with Sadhguru in person too ,But I do attend his satsungs when in his presence all is awesome …That feeling ,If I was only capable of maintaining it after the satsungs … I want to increase my will power and self discipline, and may be confidence which I don’t know if I have or am I over confident , probably not so confident in social tearms . I don’t know am confused. Would appreciate it ,If I could get guidance from you as to how or what can i do. In one of your talk you were talking about Narsimha Devta can help us to increase our will power and break karmic blocks .If it’s ok with you can you guide me if I should do something about it . As am finding yoga very hard . Can you guide me if I should do some Pooja of Narsimha Devta or any other Devta or anything .
Also if you still conduct it ,can I attend your tarrot card training classes.
Again sorry for my emotional non sense
Didn’t mean to harrass you with my issues ,but I dint know who else to ask advice from , As you are the only enlightenment and polymath and wise person who has made himself available on email and Facebook that I know of .And I have also been listening to your YouTube videos from a while now .And I don’t think I can understand the advices of parents, friends, family ,and others as parents are emotional , psychiatrists not really helpful , friends don’t have solutions, girl friend is angry and upset half the time ,I know people go through much much much terrible worse problems in life that I can’t even imagine off…And I should be greatfull and humble, sorry again for bothering you with my personal issues and my non sense …I can understand if you’re Pravachans are only
for disciples and students ,no problem Also if it’s ok can I be your friend on Facebook …If you don’t mind …
Sorry again …
Thank you for replying to my earlier mail

Thank you ,Good day !


My response
see this is just emotional indulgence. I was going to post on this topic today and you gave one whole further proof.
i can help you this much.
find a book called The Millionaire Course by Marc Allen, easily available from Amazon or
follow the instructions given therein with sincerity and contact me in six months. if you sincerely do what is suggested you will come out of it.

you are using your spiritual inclinations to be lazy… that wont fly with me. your girlfriend will dump your stupid ass be certain of that…
this is spiritual idleness and is a form of emotional masturbation. wont work with me.
if doing meditation and yoga is harming you life responsibilities then stop them and get your feet on ground first
parasites dont succeed in yoga… if your vairagya is so bloody great leave home and go on the road or join an ashram when you see the seva requirements you will run
god has given you everything you need in life to succeed and you re pissing it away.
dont be a fool and get off your lazy ass.
find a job any job and do it. this is being worthless in life and such people get no time from me

Sri Guru Rohit Arya is the Founder of the Arya Yoga Sangha. He does not hand out certificates to justify laziness.



I have been avoiding this issue as there is no sane way to speak about it which does not offend somebody. And being offended is a national pastime now. But it needs saying from a spiritual figure. Since none of the established gurus are doing it I am stepping up. So here goes. May Nataraja preserve me.

If you are a devout Hindu please do NOT say you are a bhakt of the Prime Minister. The word Bhakta is one of the greatest contributions of India’s spiritual culture. It represents an exalted consciousness and a path to mukti – liberation. It does NOT cover being an enthusiastic partisan of a politician. By using it in such a manner you have degraded and denigrated a great spiritual term.

You are NOT a bhakta. You are a partisan or a fan – which is the diminutive of fanatic. You are a chauvinist, after Nicholas Chauvin who adored Napoleon and refused to accept that Waterloo had taken place because – “The Emperor can never be defeated.” The word chauvinist has been ruined because the feminists overused it, but that crowd are all descendants of Bhasmasura so that is not surprising. Whatever they touch they befoul, but in the name of the Sanathana Dharma, why are you lending yourself to such besmirchment of bhakti? Without the spiritual effort needed, the requisite tapasya, you want the title for free?

One of the signature moves of the Breaking India forces is to demean and insult Hindu spiritual concepts as being nonsensiccal and trivial. In using the word bhakt in such a context you have handed them a crushing victory. You have fallen into a ditch they dug for you and the happiest people to see the use of this term will be the likes of Sagarika and her unspeakable husband, or the conversion agenda funded NGOS harridans like Trupti Deai and Teesta Setalvad. Evey sickularist and presstitute must be laughing their heads off every time they see this horrible usage in the mouths of their fiercest enemies.

Now this is not the same thing as picking up a insulting tag and wearing it as a badge of honor. When Hilary called Trump’s people Deplorable they reversed it in one day and made it a rallying cry. They took what was negative and made it a positive source of energy. When the word Bhakt is used in this careless unthinking manner you are taking a transcendental spiritual concept, a state of being that can liberate you, and dragging it through the mud and slime of party politics. That is unacceptable.

When this crowd began to chant “Har Har Modi” in the run up to 2014 it was to his eternal credit that he shut it down instantly. Quite apart from the trivialization of another spiritual chant there is a dangerous power in the phrase that would have devoured him. The chant is raised only in dire circumstances of war and actually it is ‘Hara Hara Mahadeva’ but it releases a certain sort of dangerous Power that is best left dormant unless the situation is critical. Fortunately he angrily instructed that such foolish demonstrations should cease and they did.

It is okay to be an admirer of somebody you think is a great man. When I saw him stand up to Vajpayee in 2002 who was mouthing liberal nonsense of ‘raj dharma’ I loved Modi instantly. I told everybody that this man was the future Prime Minister of India. This at a time when people doubted if he would get one year in the CM seat. Modi was the only success the Hindus had in the days of grahan that was the UPA calamity. So I get it, perhaps much more than most of you who clambered abroad the bandwagon only after his third term began. But your personal admiration does not trump the sanctity of sacred words or sacred concepts. So please stop this. Please cease describing yourselves as Modi bhakts. As Hindus you know better. You can and must do better.

Sarvam Shivamaym!

Sri Guru Rohit Arya is the founder of the Arya Yoga Sangha. He is a yogi of the Kundalini Patanjali streams  of Parampara and a Bhakta of Nataraja.