Rohit Arya on Kundalini Rising – the Android Helix of Dominic Elvin

This is about the most powerful image I have yet seen of the rising Kundalini and its transformative power. What makes it so unusual is that it is not part of traditional religious imagery. Normally I would write about this as art in my Creative Aye blog, but the enormous impact it had as a spiritual artifact made me include it here. I do not know if Dominic has any knowledge of Tantra but he seems a natural.  Nothing I have yet seen so correctly captures the separate-together-transcend process of tantric union like this.

The point of such unions is the acceptance that each partner, individually, does not possess the built up prana or ki to make the leap to the next level of consciousness. If two such people on the verge come together in sex but consciously – always aware- then a catalytic response flows that carries both of them over the barrier into the next level. Sex engages you physically, emotionally, and also gives you the cessation of mind monkey thought; if you can keep awareness going while thought stills – boom! I know what I am speaking of by the way – though this is a very condensed and simplified version here. I have grown the most internally after such fortunate episodes so I have a deep respect for them. All your lascivious ideas wither and die once you understand the discipline needed, so self indulgence is not possible here though self deception is!

Elvin is part of ‘Futur Fusion artlab collective’ and he seems to have a strangely gifted sense of mechanics as organic life. Instinctively he seeks an integral vision, erasing the distinction between science and nature.

This makes him a Yogi, conscious or otherwise. “Yoga Karmaneshu Kushalam” – Yoga is present whenever there is superb skill in action.  I don’t know how he has done it but he has shown the energy bodies mating, not the external physical flesh envelope, the anamaya kosha. This is pure pranamaya kosha mingling. Any aspect of samyama, relentless concentration upon a thing, revels the inner truth therein and Elvin has concretely represented what people like me experience and think is incommunicable.

The DNA helix of course has long been a favorite of the mystics, both eastern and western, as it is the pathway of the Kundalini within the chakra systems

and not coincidentally the Caduceus, symbol of healing is a double helix of snakes.

The energy moves in a fiery ‘snaky’ manner, hence the other name Agni Sarpam – Flame Serpent for the Kundalini.  The inner truth of our energy body is always comprehensible by anybody who makes the effort – this is yet one more confirmation.

It is awesome.

Rohit Arya is an Author, Yogi and Polymath. He has written the first book on Vaastu to be published in the West, {translated into five languages} the first book on Tarot to be published in India, co-authored a book on fire sacrifice, and is the creator of The Sacred India Tarot {82 card deck and book}. He has also written A Gathering of Gods. He is  a corporate trainer, a mythologist and vibrant speaker as well as an arts critic and cultural commentator. Rohit is also a Lineage Master in the Eight Spiritual Breaths system of Yoga

4 thoughts on “Rohit Arya on Kundalini Rising – the Android Helix of Dominic Elvin

  1. What a wonderful post. Those pictures/ objects are amazing. I think the deep yogic knowledge comes in from previous births, in utterly contemporary idiom. Hail to the age of aquarius!

    • And i just found another artist,though she lived in Nepal who also has this amazing spiritual art. Something significant is happening to consciousness no doubt. will post that in a while

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