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Siva destroys the Triple City with a single Arrow


Siva Tripurantaka

Jane’s Notes, August 2012

Our process material for this card is unusually scanty.  I can find no images sent by Rohit, there is just this small picture (above) which I found online.   There is not one word in my journal, about drawing Siva Tripurantaka.   It was done immediately after the Devil card – Mara and his Three Daughters.   It was difficult to compose (see Rohit’s notes, below) but satisfying to do.   Rohit’s archetypal interpretation penetrates the core of this Arcanum – the dismantling of falsehood, the revelation of Truth by a single arrow.

In the west, the Tower card has a bad reputation.  It suggests catastrophe, the snap of a tension build-up.   But when we look deeper, this card is also called the House of God…

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